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Alison hinds - Faluma/Makelele


L'un des plus gros titre soca des années 90.

In 1998, Square One released 'Faluma', spoken in the language of the Saamaka tribe in Suriname. The song went on to top the charts in almost every Caribbean territory, as well as on numerous radio stations throughout North America and Europe. Watch now as the Caribbean Queen Alison Hinds re-introduces 'Faluma,' to the world followed by her 2011 carnival release of Makelele!
Video Directed by: Tania Hoser
Edited by: Tania Hoser & Raivo Loo
©: 2012 Black Coral Inc

Artistes: Alison hinds

Genres: Rétro & Soca

Types de video: Clip

Source: alisonhinds


Date : 17/04/16

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