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Tipped to be the next superstars to emerge from the Francophone diaspora are Dro X Yani, the young sons of Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly, music icon and former President of Haiti. The boys are not merely following in their famous father's footsteps - they have been steadily revolutionizing and building on the infectious sound of Haitian Kompa, and in doing so, have expanded their audience far beyond the island. If the millions of hits the dynamic duo have garnered on social media for their standout live video performances is any indication, the brothers are destined for global domination. In the summer of 2020, their single “40%,” an inventive cover of the Malian-born French R&B singer Aya Nakamura's infectious hit, rose to the #1 spot on the iTunes France World Music Chart. The brothers are perpetually refining their sound, as each new single they release continues to expand their reputation across borders and cultures. Dro X Yani's older brother Olivier is also quite a musical talent himself, although these days he is more involved with managing the business end of the Martelly family's ever expanding musical endeavors. When Olivier takes off his business suit and dons his musical cap, he is known as "BigO." Here BigO is front and center - backed by his younger siblings on the new single "Vin Non" - a mellow, uplifting track with a lush tropical hip-hop vibe that is so inviting, it is impossible to resist.

Artistes: Dro, Olivier Martelly & Yani

Genres: Soca

Types de video: Clip

Source: Olivier Martelly

Tags: #haiti

Date : 05/06/21

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